Waste Management


Resource conservation and sustainability are currently playing an increasingly important role. A large number of technical but also legal challenges are waiting, particularly in the business field. Eco consultants assist companies to implement waste management in compliance with the law and open up new potential and competitive advantages with solution-oriented and innovative approaches.

In terms of sustainable environmental protection, the principle today is to avoid, reduce, recycle or eliminate waste as a matter of priority. Less waste protects the environment. However, less waste and pursuing efficient waste management also benefits your company. As an industrial company, you are required to comply with and demonstrate compliance with Europe-wide standards and laws as well as national requirements to an (often unimaginably) comprehensive extent. Non-compliance brings with it the threat of severe penalties.

However, what simply sounds like an annoying obligation can add value to economic sustainability. The definition of waste is often ambiguous. Whether something is deemed to be waste in legal terms must be examined in detail since the applicability of the waste property or, where appropriate, the end-of-waste property has a massive impact on the economic efficiency of processes.

As environmental consultants and trusted partners, we can provide you with advice and support on these complex issues which extend far beyond a pure waste management concept. We care about the environment but also about your legal protection and developing long-term competitive advantages within the context of waste management. Based on the solid foundation of many years of experience and the technical skills this involves and supplemented by a sound legal understanding, we will show you how innovative ideas can be used to appropriately recycle or dispose of waste. We will assist you with a wide range of measures, from analysis and assessment via funding options to demonstration of evidence, monitoring and documentation requirements e.g. in the context of EDM (Electronic Data Management) and ZAReg (Central Plant Register).