The conclusion of an analysis is only as good as the sampling that precedes it: the environmental analysis in particular relies on a highly professional approach to achieve meaningful results. Eco consultants their extensive expertise for the professional measurement of pollutants in soil, water and air, especially in particularly sensitive cases, such as hazardous waste, exhaust gas and wastewater.

Environmental analysis usually forms the basis of our projects and covers a wide range of possibilities. We measure or investigate everything that could be relevant in terms of comprehensive environmental protection. This may include, for example, waste for recycling/resource recovery, disposal at landfill sites or shipment to neighbouring countries. This covers issuing assessment certificates in accordance with the Landfill Ordinance (basic characterisation), Waste Incineration Ordinance, Compost Ordinance, Recycling of Building Materials Ordinance, etc.

In addition, we deal with issues involving local residents and occupational safety, such as measuring odour and noise pollution as well as checking the TLV value (threshold limit value). Regardless of the area of application, it is important for us to carry out meaningful analyses that are actually necessary and expedient. This attitude represents an important part of our established trusted partner philosophy: eco consultants create added value for their customers.

Every analysis is different and requires special equipment. We have the necessary equipment; among other things, with our own state-of-the-art measuring bus we can become active on site after professionally sampling surface water, groundwater, soil, waste and air. To optimally align ourselves with the constantly increasing requirements, eco consultants also have special equipment for the very complex measurement of dioxins and furans which are an increasingly important topic in environmental protection.

In particular, our standard program includes all analyses and parameters according to the following regulations or applications:

  • Landfill Ordinance
  • Exemption investigations (Waste Catalogue Ordinance)
  • Waste Incineration Ordinance
  • Ash investigations (e.g. for the proper use of plant ashes on agricultural land)
  • Compost investigations
  • Recycled building material investigations
  • Wastewater, leachate, sewage treatment plants, etc.
  • Wastewater Emission Ordinance, Indirect Discharger Ordinance
  • Exhaust air measurements, e.g. in firing installations, VOC plants, waste (co-)incinerationplants, asphalt mixing plants, wood gasifiers, etc. (NOx, SO₂, CO, O₂, dust, VOC, soot, heavy metals, PCDD/PCDF)
  • Limit Value Ordinance (occupational health) such as TLV and TRK values (e.g. dust, solvents, heavy metals, asbestos, etc.)