Contaminated sites


The acquisition or development of real estate always raises the question of potential contaminations present which could endanger the environment or human health. Eco consultants use real estate investigations to save you from unpleasant surprises and, if the situation arises, come up with appropriate proposals for safeguarding and remediating contaminated sites.

Experience has shown that former industrial and commercial locations often contain so-called contaminated sites, for example due to accidents, waste deposits, etc., which can cause considerable risks to the environment and people. Eco consultants explore the history of real estate according to Austrian Standard S2088 by means of real estate investigations and prepare a corresponding risk assessment based on historical research and sampling of both the soil and the groundwater.

For abandoned industrial sites which are actually contaminated, our experts work out safeguarding and remediation proposals and agree them with the authorities. The possibility of obtaining funding from the Site Remediation Fund (ALSAG), which is where our relevant funding expertise comes in useful, provides a high level of added value and financial relief for the liable party responsible for the contaminated sites.

If the result is safeguarding or remediation, we monitor the entire process to ensure the desired result. We check with clearance measurements whether safeguarding or remediation of a contaminated site has achieved its goal and the spread of pollutants can be prevented. We regularly check the property as part of the preservation of evidence to prevent any new pollutant emissions.