Baseline report


Since 1999, it has been stipulated by law that industrial plants must not create any new contaminated sites for the environment. In order to implement the objectives of this Industrial Emissions Directive, affected companies (IPPC plants) need a baseline report for soil and groundwater. Eco consultants will prepare these for you, including long-term measures for preservation of evidence.

As part of implementing the European Industrial Emissions Directive (IE Directive), reports on best available techniques (BAT) are being developed under the so-called Seville Process, setting benchmarks and binding requirements for sustainable production across Europe.
If a company is subject to the IE Directive, it is subject to the strict regime of environmental inspections and is constantly required to adapt its own processes to the state of the art.
Furthermore, a baseline report must be drawn up which defines the status quo with regard to water and soil as well as the substances used on the company site and any necessary monitoring programs for preventing emissions.

Eco consultants will carry out this technically demanding activity for you. We will carry out the relevant analyses of the land, compile necessary documents such as the substance inventory of relevant hazardous substances, implement appropriate measures and assist you during the monitoring.

In addition, we will support you in complying with adapting to the state of the art in accordance with the BAT (best available technology) reports which appear periodically: most of the producing companies are IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) plants which have a greater impact on the environment or workers and are thus obliged to continuously improve the environmental situation.

If the plant is later decommissioned, the baseline report serves as a basis for restoring the original status of the company site, by means of remedial measures if necessary, in conjunction with the final status report.