What we can do
for you.

We have been in the profession of providing legally and technically sound special solutions for all aspects of environmental technology for 20 years. As a reliable partner, we will be by your side both in small sub-projects and also within the scope of comprehensive overall projects, from analysis and licensing procedures to expert opinions, monitoring and requirements checking.



Legislation envisages a multitude of environmental requirements, specifications and standards at European and also national level. Compliance with them is mandatory but they should be used sensibly rather than simply ticking them off. As environmental consultants, we value solutions to problems that can do “more” and serve an extended purpose – for the environment and for you as an entrepreneur. Comprehensive experience, extensive skills and ongoing knowledge transfer ensure appropriately efficient and sustainable results in the long term. In addition to our well-rehearsed team, however, we also have a network of reliable expert partners and, thanks to our high quality standards, over the years we have gained a high level of acceptance from a wide range of authorities.