Emission Measurements and preservation of evidence


If pollutants are released into the environment, they can damage nature and, in the worst case, people as well. Eco consultants offer effective protection and legal certainty using professional emission measurements tailored to your needs.

Industry is confronted with a large number of (constantly new) laws, especially when it comes to pollutants. We help you to comply with them by implementing emission measurements which are adapted to the specific requirements of your company or your production processes.
Our range of services is correspondingly comprehensive, ranging from exhaust air measurements in industrial plants and flue gas measurements in firing plants, maximum admissible concentration value measurements, noise measurements and landfill gas measurements. In addition, we help you to implement systems for self-monitoring, emission-related plant optimisation and quality assurance.

As parties potentially responsible for environmental damage, industrial companies are obliged to provide evidence of no pollutant or only environmentally sound pollutant loads. With comprehensive monitoring programs based on environmental analysis, we provide appropriate evidence, both for companies themselves and also on behalf of authorities, courts or local residents.