Research and funding


Innovation drives all progress. Only new ideas and technologies create a spirit of the future and secure the company’s success. We environmental consultants also know about the importance of lively R&D activity, both in-house but also for our customers. We will help you to evaluate and accelerate new technologies and to acquire the best possible funding for cost-effective implementation.

Production residues that are returned to the process and no longer end up in landfill; ash which is used as an environmentally compatible fertiliser instead of being landfilled, etc. This and similar successes in the field of waste management contribute a lot to both the environment and the relevant company and may be the result of intensive research work. It is precisely such profitable ideas and the search for corresponding potential which define our work for you.

A high level of financing is usually required if new ideas are actually to be implemented. Appropriate funding support can significantly ease this burden. Our many years of experience in the funding landscape and also in the field of funded project management return a high success rate in attracting funding for cost-intensive innovations. We are committed to your project in every detail from A to Z, starting with the funding application and covering project initiation and project support through to project implementation, including any approval procedures required and ultimately commissioning. Continuous innovation lays the groundwork for sustainably differentiating oneself from the competition and securing the company’s long-term success. We will gladly assist you with this too!