Approval procedures


The concept exists for an innovative waste technology or a new process for production-integrated environmental protection. However, it is often necessary to go through an extensive approval procedure before even thinking about implementation. Eco consultants will support you with a broad range of expertise and a high level of acceptance from authorities for our quality work.

Regardless of how efficient and environmentally friendly a new development may appear to be, it is always important before implementation to demonstrate in black and white that it presents no danger to the environment. This necessary approval procedure and the authorities liaison engineering this requires are one of eco consultants’ priorities. In a first step, we will prepare the submission project with all details regarding planning, process description, quality assurance, emission values, etc. This comprehensive documentation is used by the authority as a basis for assessing the suitability of your project.

Thanks to our many years of experience and wide range of work, we have precise knowledge of the regulatory landscape. We have established a very good reputation with our high quality standards, absolute reliability and extensive skills and we use the acceptance of the authorities for purposeful interaction, particularly with technical experts. In this way, we ensure perfect coordination with the authorities both in the preliminary stages and over the entire approval procedure.

And our work doesn’t end when the approval has been granted: as part of monitoring and preserving evidence, we also ensure that the specified emission limits are adhered to and that you are on the right side of the (environmental) law.