As a production operation, it is impossible to avoid waste completely. However, it can certainly be reduced and at best can be recycled. Recycling is the order of the day, especially in the industrial sector. What is particularly interesting here is the possibility of using waste as a profitable secondary raw material. Eco consultants know how to optimise “annoying” valuable waste and your company’s life cycle assessment.

Intelligent recycling for conserving resources and reducing emissions: recycling in a nutshell. With this guidance in mind, we examine your processes, plants, etc., for environmental aspects, using state-of-the-art methods such as the Life Cycle Assessment or techno-economic analysis. Above all, however, we look for new recycling potential and, based on this, develop innovative ideas for recycling your waste. On the one hand, this may be substituting primary raw materials with waste if it is suitable for reprocessing and can thus be used as a secondary raw material for new production processes. It is also possible to use waste as a substitute fuel or alternative fuel and thus also to put it to a meaningful purpose.

When implementing appropriate technologies, we support you with our extensive technical expertise and also with corresponding quality assurance to ensure compliance with all environmentally relevant requirements. To clarify environmental compatibility, we also offer support for assessment procedures. This clears up questions regarding the waste concept (is the waste a by-product, is recycling permissible, etc.) and you obtain legal certainty even before your project is implemented.