Surveying and geoinformation


Our work focuses on samples, measurements and analyses. Surveying and geoinformation complement our range of environmental technology solutions from a single source to accurately assign and visualise measurement results. Added to this, our latest service of structural testing and damage documentation provides exciting new opportunities.

Eco consultants also carry out surveying and geoinformation tasks as part of a comprehensive environmental analysis. We place factual information in a specific spatial reference, locate the measurement results generated and visualise them on a map. We have extended this standard range with a new system for structural testing and damage documentation which has been developed jointly with cooperation partners and can now offer you an even wider range of services. Using camera recording via drones plus automatic image recognition and geodetic methods, we check the functional performance of structures such as bridges, slope stabilisers, etc. All damage, such as cracks, is documented, visualised using Web-GIS, thus highlighting any necessary repairs.