Our customers

Our customer groups are as diverse as our range of services. Our many years of experience, extensive expertise and legal understanding make us the ideal partner for companies from a wide variety of industries as well as for public authorities and infrastructure companies such as ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) or Asfinag. We also work regularly with research institutes to ensure our technical lead.



Waste management is one of our entrepreneurial priorities. Disposal companies benefit in this area not only from professional support in terms of expert reports, etc., but above all from our expertise in implementing your projects in agreement with the authorities. Due to their many years of activity and a large number of completed projects, eco consultants have a very good network linked to a wide range of authorities which allows them to implement your projects efficiently and in a solution-oriented manner.




Environmental protection is now increasingly in the focus of the economy. The wealth of laws, regulations and standards has now become a very complex issue for industry, with many subtleties. Eco consultants support companies with appropriate expertise which ensures technically sophisticated solutions and a high degree of legal certainty.




Especially in the field of property development and land purchase, there can be unpleasant surprises due to environmental impacts resulting, for example, from contaminated properties or pollution loads of buildings. Eco consultants will support you by performing in-depth real estate investigations and investigations of harmful substances and contaminants while offering appropriate remediation concepts and monitoring.




Our many years of experience make us perfect partners for infrastructure companies. Our customers include prestigious large companies, such as ÖBB or ASFINAG, but also road construction authorities, power plant operators, etc. We provide them with professional support in a wide variety of areas from emission measurements to the handling of approval procedures.








We are driven by a spirit of the future and innovative ideas. We work continuously to improve our services with new technologies. As part of this intensive R&D work, we participate constantly in research projects as pioneers of environmental technology and we also have a network of appropriately accomplished implementation partners and extensive experience in acquiring funding. Our teaching at various universities and colleges also provides us with very good personal access to research stakeholders throughout Austria.




Eco consultants have specialised primarily in complex issues of the economy and public authorities. In terms of comprehensive environmental protection, however, we will also happily work for private individuals and we support them just as professionally and in an equally solution-oriented manner. You are welcome, for example, to call us in as private experts in court proceedings.